browser wars

SunSpider Javascript test, Chrome Vs Firefox 3.6

Everyone must of heard the news that Firefox 3.6 has finally come out. There is a video mentioning all of the new changes in 3.6.  Mike Beltzner made mention of a benchmark called SunSpider and said that 3.6 had increased speed to 995 ms, down from 1188 ms.  I thought to myself, now that sounds like an interesting thing to put to the test to compare Chrome and Firefox.  Here are my own tests.

Firefox 3.6 with SunSpider:

873.8ms +/- 1.9%

Chrome Dev with SunSpider:

408.2ms +/- 1.5%

It turns out that I got a faster rating with Firefox.  However, Chrome is still more than twice as fast as Firefox.  So tell me, why are you still using Firefox as your primary browser?