Configuring the Linksys WRT610 Router for Dual Band

If you need a router with dual band support that is also gigabit, then the Linksys WRT610 is your best option. I have seen a lot of user reviews about dropped connections.  This was mostly due to a lousy firmware, but users were also at fault for improperly setting up dual band.  If you do not set up dual band support correctly, you will see connection dropouts.  I recommend NOT installing the Linksys software it comes with.  Please configure it manually with the following settings:

Set up Page

I have had this router for roughly 6 months or so and have never had a dropped connection using the configuration above.  I also have seen Wireless N speeds at 90mbps and wired speeds at 100mbps.  I am one of the few people fortunate to have Optimum Online Ultra, and I highly recommend to have it paired with the WRT610.

This router is as good as it gets folks, so don’t be discouraged by poor reviews by users from a year ago.