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SunSpider Javascript test, Chrome Vs Firefox 3.6

Everyone must of heard the news that Firefox 3.6 has finally come out. There is a video mentioning all of the new changes in 3.6.  Mike Beltzner made mention of a benchmark called SunSpider and said that 3.6 had increased speed to 995 ms, down from 1188 ms.  I thought to myself, now that sounds like an interesting thing to put to the test to compare Chrome and Firefox.  Here are my own tests.

Firefox 3.6 with SunSpider:

873.8ms +/- 1.9%

Chrome Dev with SunSpider:

408.2ms +/- 1.5%

It turns out that I got a faster rating with Firefox.  However, Chrome is still more than twice as fast as Firefox.  So tell me, why are you still using Firefox as your primary browser?

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“So tell me, why are you still using Firefox as your primary browser?”

Let's see? I like my extensions and Chrome is not mature in that respect yet. As far as speed goes Chrome is impressisve but the difference is not significant for me. Ask yourself, if Chrome was 0.1 seconds and Firefox 0.2 seconds would you still be saying “50% faster, why haven't you changed” or would you be saying who cares?

You are right about extensions, but these are coming along quickly.

I see what your saying when it comes to the javascript test. However, keep in mind that the internet is very javascript heavy these days. All of these requests add up to be a significant improvement in real-world speed.

Not only that, but aren't you sick of Firefox taking a few seconds to load? Then dealing with the odd hangups due to memory leaks that firefox has had for the past 5 years. Before you know it, its taking up 1.5 gig of memory.

I just got sick of it all. Chrome doesn't have any of those issues for me. While I still use Firefox, it's now my #2.

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