Lost Sucks

The “cool” thing to say is that Lost was great.  When the Sopranos ended people said how great that show was too.  In both cases, good shows turned into steaming piles of dog shit rather quickly.  So let me take a moment to explain why Lost sucked.

Most of you are too lazy to re-watch season 1 of Lost, but if you do ever get around to it, then you’ll realize that the mood of the show was dark and the island was the main character.  The people on the island had a purpose and each flashback meant something.  In season 1 “the others” were hunting them down and stole Walt.  Ethan stole Claire,tried to kill Charlie, and beat the shit out of Jack.

After all of this, Juliet says in the following seasons that they were just trying to help Claire so she has a successful pregnancy. Ah, so that explains why Charlie was hung by his neck.  Gotcha.  Makes perfect sense.

The problem with Lost is that the writers had no idea what to do with it, so they made up random plots and characters and love stories to fill seasons that really amounted to nothing.

Lost Season 1 was NOTHING like Lost seasons 2+.  It was a different show completely.

The majority of characters on Lost went in completely irrational and illogical directions.  Not one single character at the end of Lost was in any way similar to who he was in season 1.

Instead of answering original questions, like explaining Darma, Walt’s role, the numbers, the powers of the island, why babies couldn’t be born (probably because of the nuke?). etc etc.  None of those were answered, instead they made up random plots, created ridiculous love stories, and destroyed every single person’s character.  Then at the end, answered questions that no one wanted to know or ask to begin with!

Here are some of the more ridiculous character moments….At one point Sun became a badass and wanted Ben dead, even got a gun.  She even managed to become a majority shareholder in her father’s company without him knowing. WHAT?!?!  Even Syiad decided that Nadia was the girl for him, and other time’s Shananon was his girl.  Probably the worst love story was fat-man Hurley and Libby.  Absolutely hysterical writing that had nothing to do with anything.

Yet somehow you all forgive them!?!?!  You overlook all this bullshit and say the show was good.  I could go on and on why each character was ruined but I’ll leave you with this.  Bill Simmons said it was the best drama ever written and he loved all 6 seasons.

It goes to show you what it’s like to be a fan of something and completely ignore all logic to the contrary.  I hate everyone and hate myself even more for watching this bullshit to the end.

Please, watch season 1 again.  You’ll come to your senses.

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AMEN! I stopped watching Lost sometime around season three. I think it's one of the worst shows in history of tv, I hate the producers/writers for lying to the audience the way they did. They led us to believe that they would eventually explain the mystery of the island, when in reality they had no idea how to explain it, and were just making shit up as they went along. When I think about the HOURS of my life that I spent watching / thinking about / talking about their bullshit, I want to scream. I hope they all get groin cancer.

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