Gmail Notifier Not Working? It’s because of HTTPS

I’ve encountered a simple, yet annoying problem when it comes to Google’s Gmail Notifier.  It turns out that if you select the option to always use HTTPS, then the notifier will not work.  The fix can be seen on the Notifier page, which is a registry edit.

Surely Google can do a better job of notifying us of the problem without having to search for it.  How about a message saying if you use HTTPS, remember to download the fix?

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Even i installed google chrome and used notifier fix. It did not work for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled gmail notifier, but the tempory logged out is still a problem. But when i use view inbox I am getting to my email page. But receiving email notification is still a problem. Please tell I am using windows 7

as you say I expect more than this from google –  I tried several re-installs and was even getting fearful of some kind of malware hijacking.

thanks alot all fixed

I had another problem appearently; because i checked 2 verification in the settings you should put in the verification code in ‘accountsettings’ and than ‘autori site and application’ than ‘generate password’. (hope this is helpfull for some)

This did not help me. I have windows 7. The g mail notifier worked fine and then it just stopped finding the credential tiles in order to log into the email account. I envelope shows up on my task bar with an exclamation mark over it. I can double click on it in order to access my email but it can no longer do pop ups to notify me that I have new mail. Any other suggestions?

I have exactly the same problem and when I put the cursor over the exclamation mark envelope it says “temporarily logged out”. For me this isn’t a little annoying problem, it is a big problem. I need to hear when mail is arriving, not check my mails myself every 30 seconds. Would really appreciate a solution to this.

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