My coding habits and a look at when I code

I love data, especially when it comes to data that can tell a story.  I was looking at my github account and wondering whether I could see a pattern in the times that I make my commits.  Naturally, I was curious and pulled up my punchcard.

By looking at my punchcard, what type of job do you think I have?  Can you guess?

Github punchcard
Github punchcard

I noticed a few trends:

  1. The most obvious one is that I am not a morning coder and my commits generally don’t start appearing until around 10AM.
  2. I clearly work seven days a week.
  3. My work day does not end at 5PM.
  4. I generally try to wrap up whatever I am working on by 5PM.  This is especially true from Wednesday – Friday.
  5. I work the least on a Saturday.
  6. On Thursday and Friday I tend to work even later than earlier in the week.  My guess is that I’m trying my best to finish what I am working on before the weekend comes.  Generally on the weekend I tend to add some polish on whatever I released during the week.  So that tends to be more fun coding with less heavy lifting.
  7. Monday and Tuesday I tend to work way past 5PM.  My guess is that I’m eager to get going at what I’m coding and after the weekend I’m a bit more refreshed.
  8. When it comes to a Saturday night I tend to code the latest.  So much for partying.  Boy, I’m such a geek.

Some things you may not know.  I work for myself and run my own company called FantasySP.  Hopefully by my commits, you’ll notice that I am dedicated to the project.  As the sole employee, I feel the pinch to get things done.

Is my commit pattern different than yours?  Does your day job force you to have a much different schedule?  Do salary developers work seven days a week as well?

I encourage everyone to write about their own punchcards.

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