Cloudflare response times are getting worse

I was just checking out Googlebot’s response times with Cloudflare enabled and disabled.  The chart below is straight from webmaster tools for FantasySP.

Googlebot Response Times in Crawl

Back in March – April I had Cloudflare enabled, and I noticed elevated response times.  I thought it might be due to Cloudflare, so I disabled it.  Back then, I thought 400+ ms was bad.

As you can see, May response times were much better with Cloudflare disabled.  The only problem with that is my site’s load also increased, so I decided to re-enable Cloudflare towards the end of May up until a few days ago.  Now response times are well above 1,000ms.  Why is their performance degrading so fast?  This seems to fall inline with their announcement of business and enterprise options.  Perhaps the free accounts are hurting because of this?

There have been other reports of this as well.

One reply on “Cloudflare response times are getting worse”

True, That is a reason why I dislike CloudFlare.
People who does benchmarks, they can see that your
ping or response time dramatically increases.

While CloudFlare offers tons of features, they do not
work as expected nor slows down website instead.

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