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Verizon has the iPhone 4 and it means absolutely nothing

Verizon Wireless finally has the iPhone 4.  There have been commercials running for the iPhone by both Apple and Verizon for the past month.  Fans rejoice, our savoir has arrived. . . right?  You couldn’t be more wrong.

The iPhone is coming out during a time when 4G and dual core phones have already been announced or are already out in stores by some carriers.  Verizon is potentially weeks away from releasing their next gen 4G  dual-core phone running on Android.  Now that is drool worthy.

The iPhone 4 is a nice addition to Verizon’s lineup, but it’s too late to jump on the Apple train.  True, we should be happy that it is here and when Apple gets around to releasing iPhone 5 then it will certainly be worth the hype, but for now do yourself a favor and hold off.

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