I introduce to you, a new way to rant

It occurred to me that a lot of people have things to rant about. Your first option might be to rant on twitter or facebook, but you “sort of” know those people. Those sites aren’t anonymous and you sure as heck aren’t going to waste your time creating a blog. Enter NerdRANT.

NerdRANT is a bit different than a normal website.  Right off the bat you’ll notice that the box to post a rant is on the top of every page, kind of like Twitter.  It needs to be EASY and painless to complain, right?

Second, you’ll notice that there is no “sign up” button.  There is a sign in button.  Instead of wasting your time with yet another sign up box, NerdRANT authenticate’s users from other services such as Google and Twitter.  All you have to do is already be logged into these things and allow NerdRANT to populate some basic user info.

I know what your thinking.  If It’s grabbing your info, how the hell is posting anonymous?

Each user has the option of submitting a rant or comment with 3 different display names.  Yes, each user is essentially 3 users in one.  You can submit a post based on your userid #, location, or real credentials we collected.  By default, its based on number.  It’s up to you which display name you’d like to use.

If I see a decent amount of people using the site then I will be adding more features.  Until then, rant.

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